UFO's over Phoenix!
Lights over Phoenix are they UFO's?

Byline - J. P. Essene Editor The Under Ground
December 10th 1998

Seems Art Bell is in the center of another HOAX.

Remember the fake photos of the UFO behind Hale Bop Comet which many believe to be why Heavens Gate committed suicide? (See my article about the CIA connection to this cult to find out what really happened.)

Well, now the UFO radio phenom who recently came back from that other HOAX, about how he had to leave the air, is posting FAKE DOCS about MJ 12 on his site. (MJ 12 a code name for the famous alleged cover up of the UFO crash in Roswell for those who don't know.)

Shame, shame Art Bell.

You should VERIFY any Gov Documents that you post on your web site. But then again if Art did that, he wouldn't have anything on his web site.

Yo Art, your FAKE documents about MJ 12 have a bunch of FAKE signatures of Presidents like Truman, Ike and JFK.

Can you say FAKE, PHONEY and FRAUD.

How do I know these are FAKES?

Well, I work with some people that are historical document authenticators.

They can spot a fake JFK or IKE signature a mile away.

They in FACT own the tradename AUTHENTIGRAPH which is affixed to autographs after they have been authenticated by them. I have a JFK letter with the AUTHENTIGRAPH seal on it in my office.

You can see this name was indeed trademarked years ago by the same company that is my publisher. The same publisher that GUARANTEES that the US gov docs that are on our site are authentic. Such as the DIANA Death Prophecy from case 96CV 1499 and the TWA 800 warning.

They also own the tradename AUTHENTICARD which is used on sports cards they have authenticated with a unique pixelation analysis procedure they invented. Basically they analyze if a printed object like a $2,000.00 sports card is real. Seems a sportscard has sort of a finger print that is left by the original press plates, which their process can detect.

Most of the time they spot the fake with just their eyes, they are that good.

They are so good in fact, that the last time I went to a memorabilia show with them, many dealers wouldn't even show them their cards. They were afraid to find out if their prized possessions were fake.

When they say it's FAKE they GUARANTEE it and explain why.

They have GUARANTEED that the signatures on the MJ 12 docs of TRUMAN, IKE and JFK are FAKE.

So Art Bell, produce a historical document expert familiar with JFK's and Ike's signature and see how fast they say FAKE.

Now, Art Bell says he got these docs from a group named www.thewordistruth.org. Funny how The Word Is Truth is an acronym for TWIT. You would have to be a TWIT to be fooled by their crap.

The TWIT domain does has some slick graphics and pushes the theory that Aliens are the Watchers and their site says YOU ARE GOD, YOU ARE TIME, blah blah blah. Now I write about Sollog, so I heard all that crap before.

When you trace TWIT's domain, you get caught in a search loop, I wouldn't be surprised if ex CIA-NSA honcho BR Inman is connected to it.

TWIT is technically registered to USWEB.COM. Interesting thing about USWEB.COM is that it is hosted by USWEBHOSTING.COM.

Now they technically don't exist, which shows a possible link to BR Inman, the ex CIA-NSA honcho who BTW has been often connected to MJ 12, who sits on the board of directors of SAIC which owns Internic the Internet Addressing company.

Only they could set up a domain like USWEBHOSTING.COM to run USWEB.COM and have it untraceable through Internic.

So we have Internic HIDING who is responsible for USWEBHOSTING.COM, which runs the server of USWEB.COM, which runs TWIT the site putting out FAKE MJ 12 docs. I smell BR Inman.

So, the bottom line is that a company behind this HOAX may indeed trace to Internic, who is hiding the identity of the company really running the site. When something traces to nothing it's a typical CIA involved operation.

Now, since Internic is somehow involved by hiding USWEBHOSTING's info about who runs it, you can see how it is connected to SAIC and BR Inman. The same BR Inman known to somehow be also connected to MJ 12.

All we know about TWIT is a bunch of BOGUS info all coming from the same address and phone number in Santa Clara CA that traces to US WEB. A Silicon Valley Company that you can GUARANTEE will claim to know nothing about TWIT.

I first noticed Jeff Rense pushing TWIT on his site www.sightings.com.

He quickly pulled down his links when he became aware the site was basically only designed to sell a BS new age book. Although he had a guest on the other day claiming a connection to these BS docs.

Now the true agenda is clear, TWIT is connected to BR Inman, MJ 12 disinformation and the NSA.

Here are the docs and closeups of the signatures and then examples of real signatures of Truman, Ike and JFK from the www.nara.gov site. That's National Archives Record Agency.

If you can't trust the signatures there, you can't trust any of them.

If you click the documents below, they will open a large version so you can view a close up. (Note how we have easy to download gif files, Art Bell's webmaster hasn't figured out how to convert a BS .pdf file yet)

Closeup analysis of the signatures is also below.

The JFK Doc with fake JFK signature

The Eisenhower Doc with fake IKE signature

The First Truman Doc with fake signature

The Second Truman Doc with fake signature

Fake JFK Signature

Real JFK Signatures

From National Archives

1st is from Kennedys Proclamation of Veterans Day

2nd is from Kennedys Treaty to ban Nukes

Our expert says the connected Y at the end of the signature and the connection of the first to last names and the missing F make it an obvious FAKE.

The Real JFK Nuke Treaty Doc

Fake IKE Signature

Real IKE Signature

From National Archives

Ikes D Day Invasion Document

Our expert says to note the down turn at the end of Ikes signature he does that on all of them. The fake slants up. A dead give away it is a fake. The way the D connects to the E is a clear sign of a fake as well as the closed D in Dwight.

The real Ike D Day Doc

Fake Truman Signatures

Real Truman Signature

From National Archives

Our expert again notes how the fakes have an ending slant upwards showing they came from the same forger. Trumans ending line was normally horizontal. The real signature has a larger loop in the H and it is at the very bottom on the H. The Truman T's Top is very curved compared to the fakes, it's almost an S, which was his middle initial.

Trumans Nomination of Marshal for Secretary of Defense

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