Sverdlovsk Russia the site of a UFO crash filmed in 1969!
Amazing footage of a UFO Crash Site!

Byline - Sollog Author UFOS The Proof
May 7th 2003

There is some amazing footage presented in "The Secret KGB UFO Files", of an alleged UFO crash site filmed by the Russian KGB in March of 1969 in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. What many have failed to understand about this area is that it is a major historical area.

Nicolas II and his family were executed in this area when communists took control of Russia.

Gary Powers was shot down in this area while piloting a U2 spy plane.

A major bio-chemical accident also occurred in this region the result of a leak from a Soviet weapons plant.

Sverdlovsk was the site of a major factory that manufactured missiles for the old Soviet regime.

In "The KGB Secret UFO Files", various people analyze the 1969 film of Soviet troops inspecting a half buried saucer in a wooded area. There is no mention in this documentary as to the historical importance of Sverdlovsk. I find it very interesting that such a major UFO crash could have occurred where the famous U2 Spy Plane incident also occurred. Such coincidences are very normal in the realm of Ufology. As I revealed in my book "UFOS The Proof", famous UFO sightings USUALLY occur where future tragedies will soon occur. Such a major UFO story should occur at such a famous site, at least according to my own theories put forth in "UFOS The Proof". The fact that the documentary IGNORES the rich past history of this area is most likely proof they did not intentionally hoax this footage as some claim, since I am the only researcher in UFOS making the claim that major UFO sightings or events parallel major human events.

A film expert noted in the documentary that the film came in an old Soviet film can and the numbers on the films header matched the cans they came in. The header of the film has the crest of the KGB on it and the term for TOP SECRET.

An autopsy of the alleged pilot of the UFO is seen. Soviet doctors examine the burned torso of the entity and it is revealed that the three doctors died one week later all from cerebral hemorrhages. Death certificates are presented as proof.

Several KGB documents are also produced to prove the film is authentic.

Some have put forth the argument that an American Production crew filmed the footage in March 1998. These claims are put forth on web sites claiming to know the truth about this footage. To date they have failed to show even one current photo of any of the soldiers in the film nor any statements from the actors that they were indeed only actors in this film. This should be easy to obtain if the footage was recently filmed.

Another theory suggests the film was a training exercise. Yet no one has produced witnesses verifying this claim.

Instead there are several witnesses to the Sverdlovsk UFO crash presented in the documentary, and this means it could in fact be genuine. Had this film made its way into the hands of a researcher in Ufology instead of debuting in a Hollywood studio production, many may have taken the footage as an authentic item.

However, since the footage came to light from a Hollywood production company many will always believe the footage was manufactured and not authentic.

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